NEW RELEASE REVIEW: Faber Castell Honey Medium Starter 

My order from arrived today and I thought I would give you a little review on the Honey Medium starter kit. I also bought the new Gelatos Iridescent kit. Which I will review at another time. But, I will tell you that if you like shiny things like I do, you will love them!! Just a beautiful array of new colors.

This is what the starter kit looks like straight out of the box. So, let me tell you what all you get.

Silicone Craft Tray and Spatula, which are very nice and will be totally useful to for other techniques and projects. 

8.5oz jar of Honey Medium- the viscosity is that of honey. In the jar, it has a cloudy appearance. But, dries crystal clear. When you look at it, you’d expect that it would smell good. But, it doesn’t!

2 Gelatos- Iced Rose’ and Iced Coffee Both colors are metallic… I wish they would eventually come out with a wider range of metallic colors.🤗

Inclusions include 3 different small packets of mica flakes, 1 packet of black paint flakes and a packet of water beads, which expand with the moisture.

Lastly, they include 4 sheets of designer toner paper and an instruction guide on techniques using the images.

After reading the design guide, I thought I’d give it a go. You can make some really cool skins. My hope is that once they are dry I can cut it up to put it in a few bezels. 

Okay, so after 3 days of trying to work with this stuff, I will tell you there is a major learning curve involved. You lay down too much and it will never dry. The picture above was a major fail. Lay down too little and it will tear when you pull it up.

The photo above was my final try and I did have success…kinda.. not perfection. But, I will take what I can get at this point. I did decide to tint it this time, with one of the new iridescent colors and it came out beautiful!!

As you can see, I threw in a few of the waterbeads. I really hope they have a separate sku for these. They are quite cool.

Lastly, I tried an image transfer. 

I obviously wasn’t as gentle as I should’ve been. It tore a bit and I rubbed off a few letters.. lol You can see the translucency in the paper. So, I’d say it was a success..for the most part.

In the end, you have to have patience of a saint if you want to use this product and have perfect results.. lol This is not something that I would use consistently. But, for those certain projects.. I’d probably break it out again. All in all, I chalk up my fails to user error. 

Until next time…


*If you have tried this product tell me how it turned out for you*


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