Mixed Media With Tryvek-Experiment #1

My thought process going into these experiments using Tryvek is that I would use it like I would any other paper for creating backgrounds. I wanted to see what works and what doesn’t. My first experiment begins with coloring the Tryvek with spray inks, using a text stamp, and applying heat using the heat gun method. The photo above shows what happens once the gun was used…major texture. The one important thing to know is when to stop with the heat. Because, you can pretty much disinigrate it into nothing.

If you want a little bit more information on what Tryvek is. Please refer back to my last blog post. Where can you get it? I ordered a package from Amazon and it arrived just as it looks in the photo above. However, there are other ways to come across it. Go to your post office and pick up a priority mail envelope and cut it up..it’s made of Tryvek.

So, I wanted to take this experiment a step further and see if I could easily die cut it with a simple Cuttlebug.

The Tryvek actually cut very easily. I used a Tim Holtz Fancy Florals die by Sizzix. 

As I was putting heat to the petals, I was kinda holding it upside down in the air, manipulating the petals as much as I could without shrinking it too much. I absolutely loved loved the effect I got from this. Look at how natural the petals look. All the colors did darken with the shrinkage though.

I did try adding modeling paste through a stencil and then let it dry completely on another piece. Can you guess what happened when I put the heat to it and the Tryvek started to shrink? It all popped off…yeah, definitely not a good idea..lol

That’s it for now. I hope you all enjoyed experiment #1. If you have any questions or suggestions on things you would like me to try using a Tryvek please leave a comment below.



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