Using Tryvek as an art medium is something new to me. Honestly, I just learned it’s uses about 3 months ago. Most know of Tryvek as a housewrap used to protect houses during construction. Technically, it’s a brand of flashspun high-density polyethylene fiber(you can see the fibers if you look close)Which you can purchase in sheets, like paper. Plus, it’s a rather inexpensive material to add to your stash..plus, plus..it does some cool shit when you put heat to it. 

This blog post will run in a series of my experiments with Tryvek. I plan on creating backgrounds just as I normally would in my art journal or whatever. Using different mediums to see how it reacts with the Tryvek and to design a few projects to give you an idea how you too can use this cool medium in your art.

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To be continued….

❤ Lucy


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