“Carnival Mask” by LReneeDesigns
I had the worst designing day ever. My intentions were to do a mixed Media frame today using some of my favorite StencilGirl stencils and after many hours and layers…I hated it. After I threw it in the trash and went to get a coffee and it was then that I realized I just wasn’t feeling it. I began the day totally uninspired and I was forcing a creativity that usually just oozes from me. 

“Butterfly Mistress Mixed Media Bottle” by LReneeDesigns

I definitely need to find some inspiration somewhere. Maybe, I will clean up my studio tomorrow and immerse myself in CHA-Creativation videos.. lol  I’m learning not to force my art mojo because usually the end piece is not going to be pretty.

Question of the day: What do you do to revive your creating mojo??

Until next time,



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