I absolutely love love the way this vase turned out. I used Makins Clay and their Flower Mold to create these beautiful violets. To top of the design Art Alchemy paints were used to add a gorgeous sheen.

How about some gauges/ear plugs? I personally just have regular old piercings in my ears. But, hey, some people dig this kinda thing. So, I went ahead and created a pair using a mold and some Premo polymer clay. For the design a really cool texture sheet by Makins Clay was used for a bit of added dimension.

Lastly, I designed this little trinket box with Premo and the Makins Clay Extruder. Makins does have a wonderful line of tools and supplies that are very affordable. Especially, if you are just starting out or are even on a budget Makins is really worth it.

I hope you enjoyed my projects, as always, I aim to inspire creativity in you as others have inspired and encouraged me along my journey.

Until next time



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