“Rotten Molars” Pendant by LReneeDesigns

With Halloween nearly here, I decided to make a beautifully nasty pendant with the Makins Glow-in-the-Dark Clay! The teeth themselves were actually really easy to create. In my honest opinion, I truly believe that using the Makins brand of clay is what made this project so successful. The density and the softness right out of the package is not something I’ve ever experienced with any other brand of polymer clay. You can find the complete instructions with photos by clicking HERE

In some other great news….after a lot of encouragement from the Makins Clay Design Team Manager Cindi Bisson McGee (who will be teaching at this years Polymer Clay Adventure Retreat), I finally submitted some of my work to a magazine. I was notified by Polymer Clay Cafe( the one and only magazine I submitted to) that my pieces will be published in the gallery section of their next issue!! When I got a response from them I was sitting in my car, at work and on break, I just broke down in tears. My dream has always been to get published, I was so hesitant to try because I am not very confident in my work. I mean, just because I love a piece I made doesn’t mean everyone else will, right?  In the end, the only thing holding me back was…ME! With that happening, I also made the leap and opened an Etsy shop. Something I put off doing for the same reasons stated above. The shop is a work in progress. But, like me submitting my work for publication, if I don’t try, I will never know.

Till next time,




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