“A Witches Potion” by LReneeDesigns

Every once in awhile I will go crazy and do an upcycled project. Since I had been trying out clay on different surfaces, I now look at, what I normally would consider trash, a whole lot different. I look beyond everything and just see the shape and think to myself can I maybe make it into something different?

I started these pieces by first and foremost..cleaning out my medicine cabinets. I discarded the old medicines and kept the bottles to make these cute Halloween decorations.  I knew right away I wanted something to glow-in-the-dark, I just wasn’t sure of what at first. If you all saw the way I worked, you’d probably laugh. For such an organized person, I cannot plan or sketch out any of my pieces at anytime. And it’s not for lack of trying…I just end up sitting there with the pencil, paper, and a blank look on my face..uninspired.lol. I get ideas as my project starts coming together. 

Now back to the bottles, make sure you gesso or else you will get chipping. I used my trusty Helmars Adhesive to adhere my Makins black clay to the bottle. I just smooshed it on. I wasn’t worried about seams or anything because I used a toothbrush to texture it. Still using the black clay, I rolled some good sized balls to glue onto the lids as to give the apothecary look and just painted the lids black as well. For my labels, I did roll out my Makins Clay Glow-in-the-Dark with my Makins Clay Machine (don’t get me started on how awesome their “pasta machine” is…love it). Then, I used D’s Alphabet by Dylusions to create my words. To finish off the labels, I painted around all the letters being careful not to get any inside. Then, took my black marker and traced the letters, which help them really pop when they are glowing. And boy, do they glow!!! 

I’m excited to share with you all my next Halloween piece, it’s kinda disturbing, but really easy to make!!

Talk to you soon. Now, get to MAKINS someth’n!




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