“Fall Fairy Hideout” by LReneeDesigns

Last month, I had briefly talked about giving different substrates a try. Well, it’s got to be one of the best and most fun techniques I had yet to do with Makin’s Clay®. Being that the clay is soft when it comes out of the package, I had no problems at all getting it to distort and adhere to my fairy house. I started out with this mushroom house that I had found at Michaels. I think you can by little decorative pieces to add to it, kinda like a doll house. Well, at first, I was just going to paint it, then I thought, if I use clay, can you imagine the details I can get in there without the added expense of buying all those little do I ended up rolling out some sheets of Makin’s Clay® in black and using the Makin’s Clay® texture sheet for a wood grain effect and their leaves mold to build up demension on my roof using different sized leaves. Then, I had a mold for the door, window and mushrooms. As for the acorn, I made that by hand as I wanted to give this little house a fall theme.  At this point, I thought I was pretty much done building until I was digging thru my stash when I came across a wooden plaque that would work great as a base for the house. I noticed it had a stepped frame…hmmm..steps!!! So, I adhered the house to the base using Beacons 3 n 1 and began with making more leaves, and laid down and textured some clay with a toothbrush for my steps. To finish off my building phase, I rolled some stones all the way around the house and down the steps. At the end of all that, I gave the entire house a coat of black gesso, and with the use of the Art Alchemy paints it’s now complete.

I am really pleased with the way my fairy house turned out. Okay, I love it! Remember, what I said…whatever you can do with Sculpey or Premo you can accomplish with Makin’s Clay®, and sometimes it’s even easier!

Till next time,




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