Using Makins Clay, Baroque Mold by Prima, and a touch of Inka Gold to bring out the details..I created this “Time Flies” pendant. Makins Clay is super lightweight and comes ready to use right from the packaging. I know that there are a lot of crafters/artists out there who love to work with polymer clay, but may have arthritis or some other issues that may prevent you from using a Clay that needs to be worked quit a bit for it to used. Makins Clay comes ready to go, leaving all that conditioning a thing of the past. Anything you can do with Premo, Sculpey, and Fimo you can do with Makins! It is an air dry clay, the thinner the pieces..less the waiting time. Personally, I had never used Clay from Makins, I did use their tools, texture sheets, and cutters way before I got chosen to be on their design team. As a crafter/artist, I am very impressed with their clay. And to be more honest, I haven’t touch my other Clay in some I don’t mean to sound like a commercial here. But, if I didn’t believe in this product, I wouldn’t be saying much about it. I believe more people should give it a shot. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any of Makins in the usual big box craft stores around my town. But, I know it can be purchased online by some very reliable sources. If you do decide to give it a go, I will suggest NOT buying this Clay from Amazon, as God only knows how long it’s been sitting there and it may not be as fresh as you need it to me on that statement.

You will find a lot of wonderful techniques and how-to posts on the Makins Blog at  And if you have any questions or comments please leave me a post.




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