As I’ve stated before, I am constantly on YouTube looking for new ways to use my art supplies. Hence the blog name Technique Freak. Through all my research, there are had been days that I had stumbled upon a piece that somebody else made. I will love it so much that I have in fact tried to recreate it step-by-step. After all, that is why they call them tutorials, right?


I can tell you all that almost every time I have tried to recreate somebody else’s project it never turned out like their finished piece. I would always be so freaking disappointed that I would end up tossing it. All those supplies and time thrown in the paper file. Every unsuccessful attempt at recreating someone else’s art would knock my artistic confidence down a notch.


However, my love for creating art never wavered, it was just how I created that changed. I have learned that I can take their techniques and ideas and make them my own. I may own a million art books and be a YouTube addict. But, that is how I learn. As the old saying goes “take what you need and leave the rest” is pretty much how I’ve learned to create in ways that leaves me as an artist completely satisfied with my own work. Not to mention it is a great feeling to say that my art is that of my own design.


My entire blog post is meant to inspire you to not be afraid to be you in your art. I’m not knocking those that do follow step-by-step tutorials at all. Just add a little bit of your own flavor to it. You will be much happier with the end piece. Sure read the books and watch the videos, they can be sooo inspiring. Then put them away before you pick up the paint and see what happens.


Love To Hear From You...

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