The Freedom of Mixed Media


The definition of mixed media art is..a technique involving two or more artistic media that are combined into a single composition.


A fact act that I found interesting is that mixed media is a concept that was developed in the 20th century as artists began to bend the rules of traditional art. The key words that stood out to me was “bending the rules.” There really are no rules in mixed media and I believe that is what has drawn me to it.  Don’t get me wrong, I have made some really ugly art. It was so bad that I threw the entire canvas in the trash. Then, I was flipping through one of my books called Wabi-Sabi Art Workshop-Mixed Media Techniques for Embracing Imperfection and Celebrating Happy Accidents by Serena Barton. I pulled those canvases out of the trash, covered them with black gesso and started over. Surprisingly, they turned out awesome!


There are really no limits working mixed media. I have even heat embossed in one of my pieces. A lot of my inspiration comes to three modern day Picassos Dina Wakley, Donna Downey, and Dyan Reavely. They each have their own styles and I have learned a ton from each of them. I still have a lot to learn in mixed media. But, I am thrilled with the pieces I have completed!


Give mixed media a try! You would be surprised at just how freeing it can be!



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