New to the blog starting today will be reviews of many different art and craft supplies. If you all don’t know already, I am pretty much addicted to any all things that I’m able to create with. Whether it be the latest and greatest or oldies but goodies. All supplies have their place in my stash. If anyone has any suggestions as to what supplies or tools you would like to see here, just drop me a comment!

Lets get started! In the review showcase today is a product by Imagine Crafts called DoodleStix. DoodleStix are silicone-tipped mixed media tools. The package states that they can be used to shape, move, carve and remove a variety of wet materials including inks, pastes, gel mediums, paints, and polymer clay. Soft, flexible silicone tips resist staining and are easily cleaned. 

DoodleStix come in a 5 piece set. The tips are angle chisel, cup chisel, flat chisel, taper point, and cup round. They run around $15 per set. They are very well made and sturdy.

I decided to try them out on my Gelliplate doing some mono printing. They work great moving around the paint. I’m thinking they may work to add texture to acrylic or watercolor paintings as well. Can you imagine the wonderful texture they can add to your art journal?  

I wanted to see what kind of textures I could get on polymer. These work really well on smoothing out areas that need it as well. The DoodleStix can get into places a lot of tools cannot reach. 

All in all, I’m very happy with this product. I can definitely see this product being useful in other various mediums as well.  I hope you enjoyed my first of many product/supply reviews. Again, if you have any requests regarding reviews you would like to see here feel free to drop me a comment and I will definitely do my best to get it on here a.s.ap.

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