“Flower Power”- Bib Necklace

I decided to step out of “my” box and try a little something different. Can you take a guess to what the flowers are made out of??? I used paper flowers and colored them with 3-4 different ink sprays. To give the flowers stability and structure I coated the backs with a few coats of Liquid Clay. As for the base, a brass crescent blank from none other than B’Sue Boutiques.

I absolutely love the way it turned out.  Dont be afraid to try something different. You may just surprise yourself.

“What’s Your Sign?”-Zodiac Pendants

7 of the 12 zodiac pendants are pictured above. Stamped into polymer clay, painted with mica powders and they are also topped off with a beautiful glass like finish of Ice Resin. Let’s not forget about the frame. Do the pendants look as if they were soldered? Thanks to a technique I picked up along the way from Suz Weinberg. Her Faux Solder worked beautifully using UTEE!  Take a second..If you look closely you will see the zodiac sign somewhere on the mermaids.

If your interested in following me on Instagram search for LReneeDesigns. You will find some wonderful inspiration there!  And also I will be opening a shop soon, stay tuned for more details!



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