Pictured Above: Mini Mixed-Media Canvas by LReneeDesigns

Do you feel anything when you look at someone else’s creations? Whether it’s a painting or a piece of jewelry, and if you consider yourself any kind of artist you should feel something and see more than the flaws.

Pictured Above: Handmade Bracelet *Saying plaque-Tim Holtz*

When I look at a handmade creation I not only see the love and time that an artist has put into it. What I feel most is the passion that is evident for what they are doing. Maybe, as artists, we all have that type of passion in common. To me, if there are visible flaws that the artist sees. I’m most likely not going to notice. However, flaws can be proof that it’s one of a kind and too can add interest to a piece. Which can at times make it more special. 
Pictured Above: “Atlantis”-Mermaid Necklace/ Hand painted Brass Stamping by LReneeDesign

Having respect for a fellow artist or crafter is what seems to be largely missing in this wide world of social media. With so many wanting to share what it is that they do with soo many. I guess your bound to come across a few assholes. Like for instance, I have heard horror stories about people purchasing items from an artist via Etsy or EBay and then heading to a craft show and reselling it as if it’s their own work. Reselling it is one thing. But, claiming you made it is another. How shady can a person be? I couldn’t do that with a clear conscious even if I wanted to.

 Pictured Above: “Taking a Piece of the Sea with Me”-Brooch by LReneeDesigns

YouTube is a wonderful source for inspiration. The people who put in their own time and money into the tutorials are amazing. I can’t understand the rudeness and blatant disrespect in the comments that are posted. If you don’t like it..hmmm .. Don’t watch it. Like I said, have respect for other artists or crafters or handmade makers.. lol

All of the pictures above are pieces that I have created as of late. Have you heard of the “Molten Lava” technique? Using rubber stamps to make impressions in melted solder. It’s aaaaawwwesome(singing in my high-pitched Check it out if you get a chance. Terri Bush teaches a class on it as well.

Have a great week!



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