Do you have the problem about being too critical over your own pieces or craft designs? Have you ever looked at somebody else’s work in the same medium that you choose to work with and think how beautiful it is and that your work or pieces just can’t compare? My friend, you are not alone. 


 Often, I find myself comparing my work to others. It may be no different than young girls comparing themselves to what they see on television or magazines. Sometimes it is the same disappointment. Many times I have thought about selling my pieces online…yet again, I found myself feeling like my pieces were not good enough to even compete with the God knows how many other crafters that are doing the same thing via the web.

 Learning to let all that go is something I struggle with all the time. At times, reminding myself to just STOP and be proud of my creations and not so damn critical really does help. One thing that I do know is that my pieces ARE mine and they are definitely one of a kind.

 I believe loving the process and being proud of what you create is as good of place to start than any!

Inspire to be Inspired!



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