Most of you know that I never really have one medium that I work with consistently and that I watch a lot of YouTube videos for inspiration. One night, I came upon some metal working videos posted by Brenda Sue Lansdown. She is a metal working artist who owns a business called B’sue Boutiques in Palestine Ohio. I had never even really thought about trying to work with metals until I began watching her videos. With over 30 years of experience in vintage jewelry and design she inspired me to give it a try.


 The bracelet that is pictured above is my very first piece that I have ever created, which is a recreation from one of her many videos. I still have some tidying up and buffing to do. The metals used are a mix of raw brass, and brass ox. I will say this…if you are a metal artist and are looking for quality materials at amazing prices, check out B’Sue Boutiques.Com. All her products are Made in the USA and are nickel free. Which to me means quality right there.


Pictured above is the underside of the metal spoon bracelet.  Right now, I am working on an assemblage piece. What drew me in to this kind of art is the fact of how random it can be with the end result being an amazing beautiful piece of jewelry. One thing that Brenda says often is that she doesn’t claim to know everything and how her techniques may not be the same as everyone else’s. Which I don’t mind and I don’t think I will ever understand people who are so over critical. 

 So, I am off and on a new and creative journey into the wonderful world of metals. 

 Inspire to be Inspired!

 Disclaimer: This blog post is an opinion from my own experience as I have no affiliation with B’Sue Boutiques or Brenda Lansdown. 


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