Pictured above is my first wire-wrapped beaded pendant. I have also been honing my wire-wrapping of some clay and resin gems that I have made as well.

As I working and enjoying every bit of the medium and the process of creating it. I began thinking, why is it that I cannot seem to stay committed to one medium if I enjoy it soo much? There are artist who work with jewelry and that is all they make. By working with it so much they get really great at it. 

 Maybe for me, it’s more the process than the medium. I love learning about different ways of using mediums to get beautiful results. One day I could be working with polymer clay and the next painting a canvas. Yesterday for instance , I came across a video, again by Cool2Craft, and she was showing a faux sea glass technique using shrink plastic. The video inspired me to give it a try. 

This is what I came up with.  I don’t know whatever it is..whether it be the medium or the process, I love doing it!



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