I have decided that I will be posting a new technique once a week on Thursdays. This week, I will be showing you a technique that I learned from Tiffany Windsor of Cool2Craft. This technique is sometimes called the “Brown Bag Technique”. The Cool2Craft Casting Medium is the base for this project and the other important component is Aleenes Tacky Glue. You can get some really interesting textural effects using this technique and can make for some beautiful pieces. So let’s get started…

All supplies that you will need are above! Go ahead and pour your mold and let it dry completely.

Now, take your glue and give it a nice even heavy coat. Do NOT let it dry, move on to the next step. Please make sure you have something under your candle to catch the wax as you may end up wanting to tilt it some to help cover your piece.

Light your candle and hold your piece to the flame, you should start to see the black from the soot darken the glue. Don’t put it too far into the flame or it may catch fire a bit. Do this until is is totally black. Also, your glue will bubble, this is what you want, as this is the perfect time to carefully press them down to a wrinkle and texturize.

Yours should look something like this. If you notice that you have some spots where glue is oozing through..don’t worry, just take it back to the flame. Now, let it dry thoroughly. In the meantime, pick out whatever paints you would like to use. I have used acrylics, Luminere, and Inka Gold..all with excellent results.

With a light touch paint just the raised parts of the piece, leaving all the soot in the crevices. And, don’t forget to do something with the back such as paint or even leather or felt. You may either leave it matte as it will not rub off on anything or feel free to use a sealer.


I hope you enjoyed this “Technique Thursday!” If you do decide to give it a try, I would love to hear about it!

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