Have you ever heard of paints by PEBEO? There are three different collections of these paints that were available. The first that I bought is called Vitrail, the bottle states that it is used for glass, and will imitate the stained glass effect when used with the Cerne Relief Outliners. If you want shimmer choose the Moon Fantasy collection and the last collection is called Prisme Fantasy. All three collections come in a variety of beautiful colors. The sets of 6 are around $25 or you can by them open stock for around $8 a bottle. What sets these paints apart is the reaction they produce. The fantasy paints produce a honeycomb or cellular look. And even better, you can mix paints from the different collections to get a bunch of different looks. I also found out that you can use the Vitrail paint over modeling paste medium. Also, you can also tape a a lipped frame around a canvas and with a bit of PEBEO Lightening Medium you can do the pour technique to create a beautiful Piece. There are a few other techniques that these mixed media paints can be used in as a search on YouTube and see what you find.

Below is a picture of the first pendant that I made using these paints. If you should decide to try them out the biggest advice I can give you is to make sure to mix, mix, mix it before you use it. I was excited and didn’t mix it as long as I should have. So, the reaction was not as strong as it could of been. I still think it came out very pretty. Especially, after I decided to try the Gede Crystal Resin on top.


Below is another pendant..just poured. You can start to see the honeycomb reaction taking place.


Here is the same pendant after approximately 10 minutes of wait time.


Is that not a cool texture or what?

Inspire to be Inspired!



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