I decided to pull out some shrink plastic (aka:Shrinky Dinks) to just play and see what kind of embellishments I could come up with. As I was trying to figure out what to do, I started to wonder if embossing and shrinking the plastic would work. Meaning would you be able to see the embossed design after the plastic had shrunk or would the design be totally lost. I have never ever seen this tried anywhere before. So, what the heck, if I fail all I will be out is some So, here it goes!

Why not die cut it too?


So far, so good! I think I will add some color with my Copics.


Here’s one done with the rough side facing up when placed into the embossing folder. I actually love the subtle design. Maybe with a lighter Color of Copic or maybe even some acrylic paint you may pick up more of the image.


And heres another one with the shiny side facing up when placed in the folder. I kind of randomly placed color. When doing it this way, you will want to put most of an image from your folder on the most open part of your piece. That way, if you add color you will pick up a good image (ex. dragonfly)


I love experimenting with my supplies. It’s the only way to find out what will work for ya and what won’t. If you give something a try and YOU like it..that is what is most important.

Inspire to be Inspired!
P.S~UPDATE: Tip…Dont color any of the raised parts of the embossed image. Color around them and you will see a big difference.




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