Let me start off by saying that working with the eggshells can be a wee-bit labor To get started..Crack your eggs and save your shells. I boiled the shells for about a good 20 minutes and then proceeded to remove the membrane that is attached to the inside of the shell. Getting it started is another matter. I found rolling it with my finger tips easier when I could not get a bigger piece going. After, you got all that done set them aside to dry. I also threw some shells into my mortar and pestle to grind up into a sand-like texture.

Now for your shapes..I decided to try and punch my 1″ circles from a cereal box and also cut a few from a pizza box. The shapes from the cereal box were way to thin for my liking. So, I went with the pizza box circles. However, I have seen this technique done using wooden cut out shapes that you can also find at your local craft store. Next, you will want to add a nice heavy coat of glue to your shapes. I used Aleenes Tacky Glue. I found it easier to add a good size piece of shell then using the pointed end of my paintbrush pressed down gently to make more cracks.

For the best color and contrast use alcohol inks by gradually pouring them directly onto your piece. That way, the color will run in between the cracks and crevices. Some of the more concentrated areas in my piece is where I added some of the grounded up shell…the color had no place to run in those areas.

Finish off your piece by sealing it with some Triple Thick or even Glossy Accents. All in all, I’m really pleased with how this turned out. I will add that it did take me quite a few tries with the shells…adding a few layers gave it more dimension and that is when I really started to like what I was getting. I did try this technique with Twinkling H2Os..but, ummmm, I probably would not recommend, with the Triple Thick. It made the color float. Which would look cool if that’s the effect your going for. But, me? Not so much.

Inspire to be Inspired!



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