Just by punching out some card board from a cereal box you will be on your way to making some really creative jewelry.


Once you have your shapes punched out, grab your glue gun and make some drizzles across your shapes. Make sure to wait till one side is dry then flip and treat the other side the same way. To keep from getting globs of glue on your shapes start the glue on your craft mat first and then use a back and forth gliding motion.


When your glue has hardened, you may cut away any strings of glue at this time. Then proceed with the next step by painting both sides of your shape with black.


After both sides have thoroughly dried. With your paint brush pick up a bit of silver paint and with a light-hand only brush over the hardened glue. Lastly, finish anyway you would like.


I finished mine with a pair of ear wires. Being that I ALWAYS give credit where credit is due…this wonderful idea of crafty goodness came from my favorite lady, Lindsay Weirich a.k.a The Frugal Crafter. For more information on this project please click http://youtu.be/ZErAsYvzZsw

Inspire to be Inspired!





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