I don’t know how long these Ink creation sets have been out by Liquitex. What I do know is that I just started seeing them at Michaels over the last month. While I was there yesterday, I decided to splurge and pick one up. Was I impressed by what came in the kit? No, not really. I don’t think it was worth what I paid for it.


In the photo above, I accidentally left out a small pack of 6×6 watercolor paper that also had come in the kit as well. However, there is a nice Liquitex #6 round brush that I was glad to have. If it’s the inks your after, they are available for purchase in the same set of three colors: red, blue and yellow without having to purchase the kit. The black liner pen is not that great. Faber Castell offers a nicer quality pen for a fair price.

The inks themselves are the main part of the set and they are beautifully vibrant! I am very pleased with them. Sorry about the yellow, I think it didn’t show due to the angle the photograph was taken at.


In my opinion, if your interested in the inks, by all means purchase them. As for the Whimsical Creations Set…save your money! I am sure you probably have most of what comes in the set somewhere in your crafty stash anyway.

What will I end up using this kit for? Who knows! I am sure there will be an opportunity to use them in my art journal or on another project down the road.

Inspire to be Inspired!


*Disclosure- This review is the blog owners opinion and their opinion alone.


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