Fall is my favorite time of year and Halloween is my most favorite holiday! I may not go all out on decorating the house like some people do. However, when it comes to dressing my kids up.. ITS ON!


I really did not start getting into the whole face painting thing until my oldest daughter, A, won her first costume contest back in 2005. All she was wearing was a whoopee cushion costume, no face paint or anything. Okay wait, she did have a noise maker to go along with her whoopee cushion costume..lol.. maybe that is why she won. The funny part, is that I was living in Chelsea Michigan for a few years at that time and refused to go up town where the contest was held because I thought it would be too packed and she would not have a chance at winning. Boy, was I right about it being packed, but I could not be more wrong about her winning. The following year she wanted to be a mummy. I hot glued strips of muslin to a pair of long-johns, dirtied it up some and then I applied some fake spiders and webbing ..she took home first place that year. And almost all the years that we participated after that.


As the years went on, my middle child, N, wanted to participate as well. By this time, I was getting a lot better and more confident in my face painting skills. He took home first place for the Skeletor costume. (top photo above) My last baby, S, followed suit with either taking home first place or placing 2nd.


I first honed my skills by replicating what I would see on Halloween make-up packages. Then, moved on into face painting books. One of my favorites is a book by the Wolfe Brothers, it is called “Extreme Face Painting”.  I would highly recommend it. The book is a step-by-step with pictures, which makes it very easy for any skill level to recreate their looks.

I do not claim to be a professional face painter by any means. However, I am very, very pleased with my end results. All that is important to me is that my kids are excited about it. Because in the end, it IS all about them!


Who knows what the kids plan to be this year. But, its up to me to figure out how to make it happen!!!




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