How about using Friendly Plastic and silicon molds to create some unique embellishments for your paper crafts or scrapbook pages? I did not want to put away my Friendly Plastic just yet. One thing you will learn about me is that I love to experiment with mediums to see what works for me and what does not.

To get started grab your sticks and cut them to the size of the mold your using. Make sure you place the front of your Friendly Plastic face-side down on top of your mold. Now, heat it up to the melting point. The plastic will sink down into the mold (ex. as pictured below) After you shut your heat gun down give the plastic a few seconds to cool a bit. DO NOT touch it..It will stick to your fingers and burn. It


Now, after the plastic has cooled just enough to touch it. Go ahead and roll all the edges to fill in toward the center. At this point, you can press it in to make sure your getting a good image transfer. As you do that, run your finger over the back to make sure you get a nice flat back.


You may wait for your plastic to cool or if your inpatient, like I am, go ahead and place it in your freezer for a few minutes. It will not take long once you place it in the freezer..just don’t forget about

After I popped my plastic from their molds Inka Gold was added to make the raised edges really stand out.


I hope that I inspired you to find new ways to use your Friendly Plastic.





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