A few days ago, while I was searching for that elusive cherry stamp, I came across some Friendly Plastic that I had forgotten about. Its amazing what you find when your NOT looking for

Today, I just felt like playing and not doing anything too serious. With my Friendly Plastic in hand, I hit the internet to search for some inspiration. Of course, I didn’t have to search too hard. I am a Youtube subscriber to the Friendly Plastic queen, Linda Peterson. I used a stamping technique from one of her videos. I think hers looked a lot better. But, hey..mine still turned out cute. (I

If you have not ever seen Friendly Plastic it is a plastic that can be heated and molded by using your heat gun or sometimes for smaller projects I will even use my candle warming plate. However, Linda Petersons melting techniques use the hot water method or she uses a pancake griddle as a heat source.

Cutting two different color sticks, to create the block pattern. I then applied heat enough to soften the plastic. A great way to tell if your plastic is ready, is to lightly press on it and if you can see your fingerprint, the plastic is ready to work with. Next, I picked a stamp and plunged it into some cold water to prevent it sticking to the plastic. Using my Copics, I added some color onto the stamped image. While the plastic is still warm, I cut it into the shape I needed for my bracelet blank and then applied some E6000. Lastly, I topped it off with some Glossy Accents.


I forgot how much fun it is to play with Friendly Plastic. Do you have any projects that you are super proud of? Send me a picture and a little description and you may be picked to be featured on my blog.

Inspiration can be found everywhere!





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