This weeks ATC theme was ” A Cherry”. My plan was to use this cherry stamp that “I thought” I had. You know one of the ones that you never use? Well, I don’t know where the heck it went…I probably donated it to somewhere. Now I was back at the beginning…what to do?

Ended up grabbing some watercolor paper and sketched out a few cherries. Thank goodness cherries are simple to draw. I used watercolor pencils to color them in and added a bit of a red Gelato to give some depth. I also used glossy accents on them. But, the cool thing I did, was to remelt the glossy accents and sprinkle on cherry embossing powder (smells like cherries by Stampin up). I don’t know if you can see..the bottom of the cherries look wet. Which I thought was a neat effect.

After, I figured out the cherry problem. I needed to add some color and texture to the card itself. The cards I use are heavy weight, acid free art boards. They are called Art Canvas, which can be picked up at UsArtQuest. I purchased them in a brick of 25. These cards are extremely durable. However, if you have the time and not the money, I would recommend using a cereal box or a heavy weight cardboard cut at the right measurements. Anyway, I painted in the background with acrylics and instead of using acrylics to color the Glass Bead Gel (which in my opinion, drowns out the beautiful shine of the beads). I added alcohol inks to my gel and it was the look I was going for. Got the color and the shine!

The card needed something else and trust me, I tried many things. I just was not happy with what I was getting. After picking my kids up from school today, they were in need of some NyQuil and cough drops…don’t ya love back to school time?lol I just happen to pick up a bag of Cherry Luden Cough Drops. So, that is where the title on the ATC came from. I cut it out and melted the sides with my heat gun, then added a few sparkly stones.

I am really diggin the ATC thing and I still have a few left to do on my sign up list. But, I think it’s time to bring my blog some other artsy stuff. Make sure to keep an eye out for what’s up next.



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