Let me tell you how I got creative with my Tim Holtz die sets. I was working on an acrylic blending exercise…wet-on-wet. The canvases were coming out really well and I thought what a beautiful background they would make for something. Sure, I could of painted the silhouettes on them. But, at the time I made these ( a few months ago), I was not where I wanted to be with free handing Besides, I went thru a ton of canvases practicing and really did not want to chance ruining them. Hmmm..I wonder if any of my dies would work instead…Using some Glossy Modge Podge as an adhesive/sealer..and BAM! The best part is that the canvases look like they have been all hand painted from a distance…a little trick to the eye. I’m sure I’m not the first and only one to ever try this. But, hey, I love them either

By the way, I do want to give a big thank you and a hug to everyone who has begun to follow my blog.I appreciate that you all find my posts somewhat




  1. I love this work! It is so nice.I never thought about putting them on canvas. I love to ‘color up’ the backgrounds but was always at a loss what to do with them beyond that. I have a Sizzix and have been looking for other things, besides bookmarks, to do with it. Thanks!


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