Well, here it is…my first ever ATC that I finished for the penguin themed swap. It is rather simple.. I used Liquitex acrylics, Inka Gold in Steele Blue, as well as mica flakes, and topped it off with a coat of PPA (Perfect Paper Adhesive). Both the mica flakes and PPA are from USArtquest. I wish I could of done something a little more extravagant. But, I have to say, that the theme really challenged me. The next one that I signed up for has a real photograph theme..which should be an interesting

I am thinking I may work on a watercolor painting today. I religiously follow Lindsay Weirich aka The Frugal Crafter on YouTube. Honestly, she is one of the most creative people I have ever seen. She is NOT one of those people who creates just one certain kind of art. She does a little bit of everything and she is very inspiring. If anyone is interested in checking her out I will leave all the info on places you can find her. Don’t forget you can follow her on WordPress too! Lindsay is one amazing lady. I am certain you will love her.

The Frugal Crafter Info: (You may have to copy and paste the links.. I have not figured out how to add a link


WordPress Blog:








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