After some time contemplating whether or not to join an online site to trade ATC’s on, I finally took the plunge and found a site called Swap-bot. I ended up signing up for my first swap and the theme is Penguins. Does anyone realize how hard it is to find anything with a darn penguin on it in the middle of summer? It has taken me over a week of trying different ways of getting a penguin on this atc. I tried drawing and collaging them.. I just didn’t like the effect I was getting. So, as I was going thru my stash I came across some Graphite Paper by MonaLisa…and then, found a book on penguins in my daughters personal library. I was able to trace out a crisp image and am in the middle of painting it with acrylic paints. I am really excited about how it is turning out. I guess, if anyone else out there is trying to decide on whether or not to join an atc swap site.. I would say go for it! It is a great way to make yourself step out of the box and try things that you normally wouldn’t think of.


Love To Hear From You...

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