I had come across the inspiration for this project when combing through one of many polymer clay books that reside in my personal library. Believe it or not a CD disk is what is used as the armature and is what really spiked my interest in giving the project a go. This is a very simple version. But, I believe this project has a lot of potential for creative design. You can find the clockworks at any of the big box craft stores and your local Walmart carries them in their craft dept. as well. If you would like to see any of my other projects please check out the Makins Clay Blog…Hope you do:)



I am very late on getting my projects posted to my blog. I work in retail and November and December are the most busiest months of the year for me, as you can imagine. I still wanted to make sure I posted these holiday pieces to inspire your creativity no matter what time of the year it is. If you would like to see the step-by-step photos and instructions regarding these two projects please visit their blog by clicking here.


“Fall Into Autumn” Wine Glass Candle Holder by LReneeDesigns

With Fall being my most favorite time of year, I designed this simple yet elegant wine glass candle holder. A few boxes of Makins Clay, Makins Molds, and Alchemy Paints is all it took to get this look that even the most inexperienced crafter can perfect.

 Not to mention, Christmas will be falling upon us sooner than we think.. these would make great gifts. I feel that handmade items can touch the heart of even the biggest Scrooge out there.. lol Seriously, I’m sure you all have that person in your life who has everything and your at a loss when it comes down to what your going to buy them. Putting your time, thought, and love into creating them a gift… that speaks louder than anything you could’ve bought off a shelf. It’s so worth it for you ( the excitement and accomplishment is there) and the person receiving it feels more special to be the one that you wanted to do this for. 

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“Rotten Molars” Pendant by LReneeDesigns

With Halloween nearly here, I decided to make a beautifully nasty pendant with the Makins Glow-in-the-Dark Clay! The teeth themselves were actually really easy to create. In my honest opinion, I truly believe that using the Makins brand of clay is what made this project so successful. The density and the softness right out of the package is not something I’ve ever experienced with any other brand of polymer clay. You can find the complete instructions with photos by clicking HERE

In some other great news….after a lot of encouragement from the Makins Clay Design Team Manager Cindi Bisson McGee (who will be teaching at this years Polymer Clay Adventure Retreat), I finally submitted some of my work to a magazine. I was notified by Polymer Clay Cafe( the one and only magazine I submitted to) that my pieces will be published in the gallery section of their next issue!! When I got a response from them I was sitting in my car, at work and on break, I just broke down in tears. My dream has always been to get published, I was so hesitant to try because I am not very confident in my work. I mean, just because I love a piece I made doesn’t mean everyone else will, right?  In the end, the only thing holding me back was…ME! With that happening, I also made the leap and opened an Etsy shop. Something I put off doing for the same reasons stated above. The shop is a work in progress. But, like me submitting my work for publication, if I don’t try, I will never know.

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“A Witches Potion” by LReneeDesigns

Every once in awhile I will go crazy and do an upcycled project. Since I had been trying out clay on different surfaces, I now look at, what I normally would consider trash, a whole lot different. I look beyond everything and just see the shape and think to myself can I maybe make it into something different?

I started these pieces by first and foremost..cleaning out my medicine cabinets. I discarded the old medicines and kept the bottles to make these cute Halloween decorations.  I knew right away I wanted something to glow-in-the-dark, I just wasn’t sure of what at first. If you all saw the way I worked, you’d probably laugh. For such an organized person, I cannot plan or sketch out any of my pieces at anytime. And it’s not for lack of trying…I just end up sitting there with the pencil, paper, and a blank look on my face..uninspired.lol. I get ideas as my project starts coming together. 

Now back to the bottles, make sure you gesso or else you will get chipping. I used my trusty Helmars Adhesive to adhere my Makins black clay to the bottle. I just smooshed it on. I wasn’t worried about seams or anything because I used a toothbrush to texture it. Still using the black clay, I rolled some good sized balls to glue onto the lids as to give the apothecary look and just painted the lids black as well. For my labels, I did roll out my Makins Clay Glow-in-the-Dark with my Makins Clay Machine (don’t get me started on how awesome their “pasta machine” is…love it). Then, I used D’s Alphabet by Dylusions to create my words. To finish off the labels, I painted around all the letters being careful not to get any inside. Then, took my black marker and traced the letters, which help them really pop when they are glowing. And boy, do they glow!!! 

I’m excited to share with you all my next Halloween piece, it’s kinda disturbing, but really easy to make!!

Talk to you soon. Now, get to MAKINS someth’n!



“The Golden Girl” by LReneeDesigns
As I was browsing our local flea market here in Kentucky, I came across a pretty ugly stained and glazed ceramic bust. Which set off a lightbulb moment. A few days earlier, I was watching a video put out by the talented ladies over at Polymer Clay T.V.  One of the girls had come across a ceramic bust and wanted to use it as a jewelry display. So, I implemented some of the techniques they used in my piece and a few of my own.

Using my bust, Makins Clay, and their floral mold, I built up a headpiece where there was just a plain headband.. I then added butterflies from a Martha Stewart mold and a few other details. These techniques worked so well because with Makins Clay being no bake, I didn’t have to worry about having to put her in the oven. Not to mention the Makins molds are just the right thickness. Where other molds have really deep cavities and can make the pieces too heavy to manipulate.

If you would like to see the complete instructions with stepped out photos on how to make a refab bust, go to the Makins Clay Blog. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram at LReneeDesigns!

~ Lucy


“Fall Fairy Hideout” by LReneeDesigns

Last month, I had briefly talked about giving different substrates a try. Well, it’s got to be one of the best and most fun techniques I had yet to do with Makin’s Clay®. Being that the clay is soft when it comes out of the package, I had no problems at all getting it to distort and adhere to my fairy house. I started out with this mushroom house that I had found at Michaels. I think you can by little decorative pieces to add to it, kinda like a doll house. Well, at first, I was just going to paint it, then I thought, if I use clay, can you imagine the details I can get in there without the added expense of buying all those little do dads..lol I ended up rolling out some sheets of Makin’s Clay® in black and using the Makin’s Clay® texture sheet for a wood grain effect and their leaves mold to build up demension on my roof using different sized leaves. Then, I had a mold for the door, window and mushrooms. As for the acorn, I made that by hand as I wanted to give this little house a fall theme.  At this point, I thought I was pretty much done building until I was digging thru my stash when I came across a wooden plaque that would work great as a base for the house. I noticed it had a stepped frame…hmmm..steps!!! So, I adhered the house to the base using Beacons 3 n 1 and began with making more leaves, and laid down and textured some clay with a toothbrush for my steps. To finish off my building phase, I rolled some stones all the way around the house and down the steps. At the end of all that, I gave the entire house a coat of black gesso, and with the use of the Art Alchemy paints it’s now complete.

I am really pleased with the way my fairy house turned out. Okay, I love it! Remember, what I said…whatever you can do with Sculpey or Premo you can accomplish with Makin’s Clay®, and sometimes it’s even easier!

Till next time,