If you read my previous two posts.. you will know that I had a brilliant idea on how to get more use out of my smaller stamps by using a tracing projector. However, my only problem with it was that I could not trace directly into my art journal. So, I had to come up with something a little different. It may of been a bit more work, but sooo worth it in the end.

My solution was to use graphite paper. Once, I traced out the image using the projector. I opened my journal placed down the graphite paper and then placed my traced out image on top and retraced to make the transfer. Like I said, it is a lot more work. But, think of it this can reuse your original tracing multiple times unless you need different sizing.

It did come out a bit cartoony. But, I still think she’s beautiful!!

I’m not completely done with my page. I just wanted to give you all an idea of what can be done.

I hope I inspired at least one person to give it a try. If you do, I’d love to hear how it worked for you. 

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Are you wondering if it worked..YES! I haven’t worked in my art journal yet. But to give you an idea of how it will work, I took a couple of photos for you. My only issue is finding the easiest way to get the results I want. Which will come as I work with it more.

So, here’s an image by Prima that I stamped out on copy paper. 

And here she is blown up to fit my journal page.  Pretty cool, right? Just think of her on a canvas!!!

I bought the projector from Michaels. There were only 2 options. This one, which was around $30 and the other was waaay high end at $299, which had a lot more bells and whistles. 

When I get a chance to actually complete a project.. I will let you all know how I did it. Because, trying to trace this at the angle it’s at in my journal would be a little difficult.. lol

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You know how your just sitting there and something pops into your head? And it’s, like, why had this not ever freaking dawned on me before this moment!!!

This is going to be a short read because I’m sooo excited about it. I just had to share it with you all. I can’t wait to get home from work to try it out. So here it is.. my lightbulb moment…..

I love to use stamps in my art journal. But, I have a hard time finding really large ones. Dylusions has some great designs. But, sometimes they are not the style I want. Here’s a way to make more use out of all those stamps you love, but wish they were larger. My thinking is to stamp your image and then make it as large as you need to by using this tracer machine. Yeah, it will mean a bit more work. But, the outcome will be worth it, right? 

I will give it a try and let you all know how it works out for me. 


NEW RELEASE REVIEW: Faber Castell Honey Medium Starter 

My order from arrived today and I thought I would give you a little review on the Honey Medium starter kit. I also bought the new Gelatos Iridescent kit. Which I will review at another time. But, I will tell you that if you like shiny things like I do, you will love them!! Just a beautiful array of new colors.

This is what the starter kit looks like straight out of the box. So, let me tell you what all you get.

Silicone Craft Tray and Spatula, which are very nice and will be totally useful to for other techniques and projects. 

8.5oz jar of Honey Medium- the viscosity is that of honey. In the jar, it has a cloudy appearance. But, dries crystal clear. When you look at it, you’d expect that it would smell good. But, it doesn’t!

2 Gelatos- Iced Rose’ and Iced Coffee Both colors are metallic… I wish they would eventually come out with a wider range of metallic colors.🤗

Inclusions include 3 different small packets of mica flakes, 1 packet of black paint flakes and a packet of water beads, which expand with the moisture.

Lastly, they include 4 sheets of designer toner paper and an instruction guide on techniques using the images.

After reading the design guide, I thought I’d give it a go. You can make some really cool skins. My hope is that once they are dry I can cut it up to put it in a few bezels. 

Okay, so after 3 days of trying to work with this stuff, I will tell you there is a major learning curve involved. You lay down too much and it will never dry. The picture above was a major fail. Lay down too little and it will tear when you pull it up.

The photo above was my final try and I did have success…kinda.. not perfection. But, I will take what I can get at this point. I did decide to tint it this time, with one of the new iridescent colors and it came out beautiful!!

As you can see, I threw in a few of the waterbeads. I really hope they have a separate sku for these. They are quite cool.

Lastly, I tried an image transfer. 

I obviously wasn’t as gentle as I should’ve been. It tore a bit and I rubbed off a few letters.. lol You can see the translucency in the paper. So, I’d say it was a success..for the most part.

In the end, you have to have patience of a saint if you want to use this product and have perfect results.. lol This is not something that I would use consistently. But, for those certain projects.. I’d probably break it out again. All in all, I chalk up my fails to user error. 

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*If you have tried this product tell me how it turned out for you*

Mixed Media With Tryvek-Experiment #1

My thought process going into these experiments using Tryvek is that I would use it like I would any other paper for creating backgrounds. I wanted to see what works and what doesn’t. My first experiment begins with coloring the Tryvek with spray inks, using a text stamp, and applying heat using the heat gun method. The photo above shows what happens once the gun was used…major texture. The one important thing to know is when to stop with the heat. Because, you can pretty much disinigrate it into nothing.

If you want a little bit more information on what Tryvek is. Please refer back to my last blog post. Where can you get it? I ordered a package from Amazon and it arrived just as it looks in the photo above. However, there are other ways to come across it. Go to your post office and pick up a priority mail envelope and cut it’s made of Tryvek.

So, I wanted to take this experiment a step further and see if I could easily die cut it with a simple Cuttlebug.

The Tryvek actually cut very easily. I used a Tim Holtz Fancy Florals die by Sizzix. 

As I was putting heat to the petals, I was kinda holding it upside down in the air, manipulating the petals as much as I could without shrinking it too much. I absolutely loved loved the effect I got from this. Look at how natural the petals look. All the colors did darken with the shrinkage though.

I did try adding modeling paste through a stencil and then let it dry completely on another piece. Can you guess what happened when I put the heat to it and the Tryvek started to shrink? It all popped off…yeah, definitely not a good

That’s it for now. I hope you all enjoyed experiment #1. If you have any questions or suggestions on things you would like me to try using a Tryvek please leave a comment below.



Using Tryvek as an art medium is something new to me. Honestly, I just learned it’s uses about 3 months ago. Most know of Tryvek as a housewrap used to protect houses during construction. Technically, it’s a brand of flashspun high-density polyethylene fiber(you can see the fibers if you look close)Which you can purchase in sheets, like paper. Plus, it’s a rather inexpensive material to add to your, does some cool shit when you put heat to it. 

This blog post will run in a series of my experiments with Tryvek. I plan on creating backgrounds just as I normally would in my art journal or whatever. Using different mediums to see how it reacts with the Tryvek and to design a few projects to give you an idea how you too can use this cool medium in your art.

If I have peaked your interest..subscribe or follow my really don’t want to miss this. And to those who already follow…I want to say thank you for the means the world to me and YOU ALL ARE FREAKING AWESOME❤

To be continued….

❤ Lucy

Using Tryvek in mixed media seems to be a new thing. Honestly, I just learned about its uses a few months back. So, in case, your wondering what exactly it is. Here’s the definition that came up on Google


“Carnival Mask” by LReneeDesigns
I had the worst designing day ever. My intentions were to do a mixed Media frame today using some of my favorite StencilGirl stencils and after many hours and layers…I hated it. After I threw it in the trash and went to get a coffee and it was then that I realized I just wasn’t feeling it. I began the day totally uninspired and I was forcing a creativity that usually just oozes from me. 

“Butterfly Mistress Mixed Media Bottle” by LReneeDesigns

I definitely need to find some inspiration somewhere. Maybe, I will clean up my studio tomorrow and immerse myself in CHA-Creativation videos.. lol  I’m learning not to force my art mojo because usually the end piece is not going to be pretty.

Question of the day: What do you do to revive your creating mojo??

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What are Bottles of Hope? Here is a little description as posted from the Makins Clay blog.  “Bottles of Hope are small glass bottles covered with polymer clay and given to cancer patients. They symbolize a wish and a hope for health. This project was started in 1999 by a Rhode Island cancer survivor and has spread internationally. Bottles are made by artists, students, survivors, seniors and many more who volunteer their time and love. Learn more about this worthwhile project, see a gallery of many creative bottles at the Bottles of Hope site.

I had never heard of the Bottles of Hope project until I was apart of the Makins Clay design team.  This cause hit really close to my heart, being that my mother passed away from lung cancer in 2005 at just 56 years old. The vintage style bottle(pix above) is a piece that I designed with my mom in mind and found it fitting to dedicate this special project to her.. this piece with step-by-step photos can be found at Makins Clay Blog.

I truly hope you find some inspiration and join the cause. Sometimes the world can seem like a dark place, but these bottles are surely to brighten someone’s day and for a minute maybe smile and forget.

As always, thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow.